Exhibitor Highlight: Sportworks Northwest

Learn more about Sportworks and visit their exhibitor booth during LF17!

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the work that you do.

Sportworks Northwest, Inc. invented the bike rack on the front of the bus 27 years ago, invented the innovative No Scratch bike rack, and is the only company who provides cycling infrastructure at each leg of your journey. As passionate cyclists, we enjoy designing and manufacturing the smartest and most sustainable bike racks possible and pride ourselves on being made in the USA. As a Just-In-Time manufacturer, we strive to implement LEAN processes at every stage in the bike rack process – from design to delivery and proactively seek out partners who do the same. Our active lifestyle company culture combines a positive work-life balance with a fun and exciting industry to promote healthy living.

What can we expect from your LF17 trade show booth?

Our Living Future unConference booth showcases the latest in bike rack technology. Our No Scratch bike rack is the only bike rack on the market that is Declare certified; it also provides the intuitive No Scratch bumper which protects bikes from being scratched and damaged. For many projects, high density bike parking is needed and we will be highlighting our No Scratch Vertical+ bike rack which yields the greatest density possible without sacrificing functionality – a must have for every bike room. Our team of Bike Parking Gurus are able to discuss bike room design, perform free CAD layouts, and talk about trends in bike design which impact traffic flow of the bike area.

Can you tell us about your participation in Declare and your commitment to transparency?

Sportworks Northwest, Inc. became Declare certified in 2014 as a way to show our commitment to sustainable practices. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, protecting our environment is part of who we are, so naturally we design with those values in mind. We are proud to be the only bike rack manufacturer in Declare, and realize it is our job to bring our friendly competition on board to move the needle in a positive direction towards smarter manufacturing. Since Sportworks Northwest, Inc. began in 1990, our commitment to be Buy America qualifying and Made in the USA have been core in our design. With the recent development of our bike parking products, we have made Declare and LEED principles a top priority for all new product development – you will see this commitment firsthand at our booth.

What draws you to attend the Living Future unConference?

The Living Future unConference just makes sense because the values promoted through Living Future align so well with our values at Sportworks. The attendees are like-minded and ‘get it’. We at Sportworks strive to spread the good news about sustainable practices and love to learn from others who are doing the same. The unConference provides the opportunity to collaborate and identify ways to increase awareness.

See the product in action: