Exhibitor Highlight: WholeTrees®

Learn more about WholeTrees® and visit their exhibitor booth during LF17!

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the work that you do.

WholeTrees® brings the abundant waste stream of sustainable forest management to high-value construction markets. We supply pre-engineered structural systems and components made from unmilled trees to catalyze the growing restorative building movement. We are the national leaders in engineering and production of natural round timber for commercial construction. WholeTrees strives to add value to sustainable forestry to preserve and foster the awe and delight of our woodlands.

Can you tell us about what we can expect from your trade show booth?

At the WholeTrees booth visitors will learn about the aesthetic value, superior strength and sustainability of round timber as a structural alternative and complement to conventional construction materials. CEO, Amelia Baxter, and R+D Manager, Michaela Harms, will be present to answer your questions about how the biophilia and hyper-local sourcing of these products can tell the story of the forest as it supports your next construction project. WholeTrees clients can follow the story of their materials from forest to factory and connect with their structure.

Can you tell us about your participation in Declare and your commitment to transparency?

The building sector is transitioning toward increased transparency, improved material health standards, and greater environmental impact awareness. WholeTrees is proud to be a part of this movement, and we show our commitment in a number of ways. WholeTrees received its Declare label in 2016 and is committed to material and supply-chain transparency, ecological restoration and rural economic development. Through our continued sustainability efforts, we aim to boost healthy building material use, restore the nation’s forests and improve the built environment.

What draws you to attend the Living Future unConference?

WholeTrees works to instill a love for nature, promote conservancy and restore biodiversity in our woodlands through commercial construction product development. We see ILFI as a genuine advocate for a holistically sustainable built environment and are proud to support the Institute. The unConference is a hub to connect with visionary leaders in the building sector who understand the symbiosis of aesthetic, social and ecological elements in construction.