The Global Network at LF17

The Living Future Network is a community of experts that are creating positive change around the world. The community is made up of local Collaboratives that organize events and advocate for change in their city. There are 90+ Collaboratives in over 45 countries. The Network is a place for people who want to make a difference, from emerging professionals to seasoned practitioners who have decades of experience. Learn more and connect with your global community here.

With attendees from over 30 nations registered, the guest list at this year Living Future unConference matches the tremendous diversity of our Network. Here are a few of our dear friends who have traveled especially far to attend.

These Collaborative Facilitators lead teams of advanced practitioners in pursuit of a Living Future around the world. Our work would not be possible without them. They bring unique perspectives to what we do, and help us think of new ways to connect with communities far and wide.


When not hosting events or working on his registered project, Esteban helps out his fellow Engineers in the Tropics Working Group, providing ingenious solutions to passively reduce humidity.


Abi represents one of the newest Collaboratives, in Lagos, a city that is growing and urbanizing rapidly, while facing an intense recession. He has focused efforts on materials (Cross Laminated Bamboo, anyone?) and affordable housing despite the nation’s recent setbacks.


Having made the Ambassador presentation to the Ministry of Energy, among many others in her small island nation, Lydia’s Collaborative registered a project within six months of her joining the Network. She is also a passionate advocate for traditional building methods, and their role in informing modern construction and design.


After touring much of Latin America to talk about material health, Victor joins us at the unConference once more to engage in discussions around Net Zero energy buildings, and affordable housing.


Past Living Building Challenge Hero Award winner Alejandro is hard at work at bringing the Living Community Challenge to fruition in his home of Mexico City.


Jacqueline is perhaps the most active Ambassador in Asia, having made presentations from Seoul to Shanghai to Hong Kong to Beijing, and everywhere in between. With a background in finance, she can make the business case for Living Buildings, and brings passion and professionalism to her role. She is also very knowledgeable about earth building, specifically Earth Ships.


You can’t really have attended a Living Future unConference until you have met Carlo. An advanced practitioner, he brings a wealth of experience and insight into the future of the Challenge in Europe and elsewhere. As one of our first International Facilitators, he has been instrumental in expanding the Challenge beyond borders.


Emmanuel and his team in Barcelona take education seriously. A plethora of successful events, and connections with the academic green building community make Emmanuel worth networking with. He is also the founder of an international firm, with offices in Europe and South America.


Interested in materials? The team in New Zealand recently became our first Declare partner, able to create labels for companies based in NZ. The country also boasts more Ambassadors and registered projects per capita than anywhere else in the world. They are closely followed by the Living Future Institute Australia, also now an official Declare label-maker. Be sure to connect with these world leaders and learn from their Living Building success!

There will be several regional Living Future Network meet-ups during the Living Future unConference. We hope you’ll take the time to say hello!